'Bir Srestho' honour

After Independence, the Government of Bangladesh honoured Mohammad Ruhul Amin and six others posthumously with the title of 'Bir Srestho', the highest gallantry award of the state, in recognition of their patriotism and supreme sacrifice for the country.

Mohammad Mohibullah who was killed in the bombing of Polash, was awarded Bir Bikrom gallantry award posthumously. A heavy gunboat of the Bangladesh Navy has also been named in his honour, 'BNS Shaheed Mohibullah'.

Nation will always remember Bir Sreshtho Shaheed Ruhul Amin with great admiration and pride. There were many other heroes whose names have gone into oblivion as there had not been a true record of naval commando actions. However, the BN remembers with honour and pride all those great Freedom Fighters whose undaunted bravery and sacrifice paved the way for the independence of the country.


Bir Srestha Ruhul Amin Memorial Museum and Library

In a bid to preserve the memories of its seven greatest heroes, the Government of Bangladesh decided to construct memorial museums and libraries at the birth places of the Bir Sresthos.

In 2008 the Government built the Bir Srestha Ruhul Amin Memorial Museum and Library at Baghchapra of Sonaimuri in Noakhali. But the museum contains only few artifacts used by Ruhul Amin. Among these are the several medallions conferred upon Ruhul Amin by the government and various organisations, including the Bir Srestho medallion. The museum also contains many posters on independence war and periodicals.

The library contains about 3,500 books http://www.newagebd.net/article/4520/bir-sreshtha-ruhul-amin-memorial-museum-and-library-no-librarian-since-inception on various subjects, especially those relating to the Liberation War.

Deteriorating condition

Sadly the museum-cum-library has been without a librarian since its inception http://www.newagebd.net/article/4520/bir-sreshtha-ruhul-amin-memorial-museum-and-library-no-librarian-since-inception. The lone caretaker, who works on a temporary basis, looks after the museum and library and also visitors.

The poor condition of the museum and the inadequate number of artifacts on display was also a source of disappointment for family members, locals, and visitors since it was not befitting of a tribute to a national hero.

Just after their inception, the museum and library fell to the indifference of the government. At the beginning, there were no galleries. We on our own built a gallery and put some articles used by Ruhul Amin on display.

We requested the authorities to appoint an assistant librarian but the post remains vacant till now.

Sohel Chowdhury, a grandson of Ruhul Amin

A museum named after a Bir Sreshtha cannot run in this way.

A visitor to the museum

Village of Baghchapra renamed to 'Ruhul Amin Nagar'

The Government of Bangladesh renamed the village of Baghchapra to 'Ruhul Amin Nagar' (Abode of Ruhul Amin) in honour of Mohammad Ruhul Amin.

Rememberance on death anniversary

Each year on 10th December the death anniversary of Ruhul Amin is commemorated by his various supporters and organisations, such as Bangladesh Navy in Khalishpur headquarters (BNS Titumir), Rupsha Press Club, Bir Sreshtho Ruhul Amin Orphanage Committee, and the Bir Srestha Ruhul Amin Memorial Museum and Library.

To mark the day, they arrange day-long programmes which includes recitation from the Qur'an, placing wreaths at the martyr’s graveyard and his statue, discussion meeting, and dua and milad mahfil (prayer session). Various small events are also held, e.g. badminton tournament and prize distribution.

On 10 December 2015, on the 44th death anniversary of Ruhul Amin, his daughter Noor Nagher inaugurated a 'Bijoy Mela' (Victory Festival) http://www.theindependentbd.com/printversion/details/26300 at his native village to mark the day.