Bir Srestho Mohammad Ruhul Amin

  • Born: 1 February 1934, village of Baghchapra, Sonaimuri upazila (then Begumganj thana), Noakhali district
  • Died: 10 December 1971, Rupsha upazila, Khulna (aged 37)
  • Profession: Engine Room Artificer
  • Recognition: Bir Srestho (1973)
  • National contribution: Became a shaheed (martyred) for the Bangladesh cause in 1971
  • Hasani? Didn't know that!


  1. Early life, education, family life
  2. Engine Room Artificer with Pakistan Navy, East Pakistan and West Pakistan tension come to a boil in 1971
  3. Killed by razakars after warship bombed by Indian Air Force's friendly fire
  4. Legacy: Bir Srestho honour, what others say about Bir Srestho Mohammad Ruhul Amin...

Timeline of few major events in Bir Srestho Mohammad Ruhul Amin's life:

  • c. 1949 - Passed matriculation from high school
  • 1953 - Join Pakistan Navy
  • 1958 - Complete professional training as a junior mechanical engineer
  • 1965 - Selected for mechanical course. Complete it later and become Engine Room Artificer
  • 1968 - Transferred to PNS Bakhtiar Naval Base in Chittagong
  • 25 March 1971 - Leaves Pakistan Navy after Liberation War commences. Organises villagers to carry out military attack
  • May 1971 - Joins Sector-3 in Tripura, India, along with 500 others to fight war
  • c. July 1971 - Joins newly formed Bangladesh Nu-bahini (Bangladesh Navy)
  • September 1971 - Posted as Engine Room Artificer-1 of 'BNS Palash' and worked as Squadron leader for 'BNS Padma' and Palash
  • 10 December 1971 - Killed by razakars on banks of Rupsha river, after Indian Air Force bomb Palash