Muhammad Yunus

Muhammad Yunus

  • Born: 28 June 1940 at village of Bathua, Chittagong Division
  • Profession: Bangladeshi economist and founder of the Grameen Bank
  • Recognition: First Bangladeshi to win Nobel Prize for Peace (2006). Third Bengali to win Nobel Prize after Rabindranath Tagore & Amartya Sen
  • National contribution: Campaigned vigorously in America during 1971 Muktijuddho (Bangladesh Liberation War). Openly criticised government for lack of action during 1974 famine
  • Hasani? Didn't know that! Third of nine children. Mother suffered from long-term mental illness
  • Work include: Founding members of Global Elders, board of directors of the United Nations Foundation, author of 'Banker to the Poor', founding board member of Grameen America and Grameen Foundation


  1. Early life, education, active and mixed family
  2. Economics teacher aged 21 (first venture into business), travel to America for Ph.D. (first wife is an American-Russian)
  3. Bengali activist in America during 1971 Sangram, return to a broken nation to take up Professor of Economics role with Chittagong University
  4. 1974 famine gives birth to Grameen Bank (Village Bank)
  5. Divorce and second marriage (mother passes away, Monica returns to Bangladesh for the first time)
  6. Founder of over 60 companies, joint Nobel Peace Prize (2006) winner along with Grameen Bank
  7. Awards galore


  1. Voted #2 in poll, 'Banker to the Poor' and other books, appearance in hit US cartoon Simpson
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