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Sample weight loss plan

Wake up

  • 1 glass of water
    OR water + lemon
    OR water + lemon + garlic + ginger + honey
  • 1 hr exercise e.g. gym, skipping, jogging, fast walk, cycling, swimming


  • Porridge / weetabix + 2 boiled eggs
    OR Brown toast + peanut spread + banana
  • + Tea (use honey not sugar)
  • + 1 multivitamin tablet

First meal

  • 1 glass water before meal
  • + Plate portion: 30% rice + 30% curry + 40% salad e.g. spinach / keal / leafy veg (e.g. cauliflower / brocolli) + cucumber

NOTE: Curry = chicken or fish. Eat less meat (max once a week). Eat less curry sauce as it has oil


  • Greek / Plain yoghurt + fresh berries e.g. cranberry, blueberries etc.
    OR handful of nuts e.g. almonds, cashews but no toppings (e.g. chocolate)
    OR fruit e.g. pear, handful of dates
  • + Drink water regularly throughout day

Second meal (3 hours before sleep)

  • 1 glass water
  • + Smaller portion of first meal