Last updated: 9 November 2017 From the section FAQ on Islam

What is the Islamic Year?

The Islamic year started from the migration (Hijrah) of Prophet Muhammad from Makkah to Medinah in 622 CE. It is a lunar year of 354 days. The first month is called Muharram.

Muslims do not celebrate a "new year" and like each day, pray for God's good pleasure and bounty.

What is the Islamic view on:

a. Racism:
a. Dating and Premarital Sex:

Islam does not approve of intimate mixing of the sexes, and forbids premarital and extramarital sex. Islam encourages marriage as a shield to such temptations and as a means of having mutual love, mercy, and peace.

b. Abortion:

Islam considers abortion as murder and does not permit it except to save the mother's life when advised by competent medical professionals (Qur'an 17:23-31, 6:15 1).

c. Homosexuality and AIDS:

Islam categorically opposes homosexuality and considers it a major sin. However, Muslim physicians are advised to care for AIDS patients with compassion just as they would for other patients.

d. Euthanasia and Suicide:

Islam is opposed to both suicide and euthanasia. Muslims do not believe in heroic measures to prolong the misery in a terminally ill patient.

e. Organ transplantation:

Islam stresses upon saving lives (Qur'an 5:32). Thus, transplantation in general would be considered permissible provided donor consent is available. The sale of the organ is not allowed.