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In 2007 a documentary film titled "Zohra Kazi" was released in Bangladesh. The film was directed by Mahbubul Alam Taru who persisted over a period of 7 months to convince a reluctant Zohra to participate. On 7 March 2007 the premiere show and VCD launching of the documentary was held at the National Museum, Dhaka, where National Professor Dr. Nurul Islam was the chief guest.

The documentary illustrates Dr. Kazi's life and her greatest success, her lifelong fight against illogical superstitions and backward beliefs, convincing uneducated female patients all over India and Bangladesh, the need for modern medical treatment. She saved many lives by bringing modern medicine to the masses.

Wikipedia - Zohra Begum Kazi

[Mahbubul Alam] Taru's tribute to womanhood through Dr Zohra, zeroes in on her eventful life and medical career. In a sense she had a head start of her women contemporaries.

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'Visionary and Missionary National Professor Dr. Mohammed Ibrahim'

In 2010 Mahbubul Alam Taru directed another documentary titled 'Visionary and Missionary National Professor Dr. Mohammed Ibrahim'. It was based on another medical giant in Bangladesh's history: Dr. Mohammed Ibrahim. Dr. Ibrahim was first person to think about diabetic care in the country (then part of Pakistan). He was National Professor of Bangladesh and the founder of many organisations including BIRDEM (Bangladesh Institute of Research & Rehabilitation in Diabetes, Endocrine and Metabolic Disorders) Hospital, the first hospital in Bangladesh for treatment of diabetes.