What others say about General Muhammad Ataul Ghani Osmani (Bangabir)...

Last updated: 10 October 2017 From the section Muhammad Ataul Ghani (M. A. G.) Osmani (Bangabir)

The name Colonel (later General) Osmani electrified all Bengali officers and former Pakistani troops, and invigorated the Bangladesh Liberation War's freedom fighters. Finding a Bengali officer who was in Rawalpindi but did not enjoy Colonel Osmani's hospitality was hard. For anyone in any form of distress, Colonel Osmani was always there. These days men like him are rare.

...An officer can be general but all generals are not good leaders. General Osmani was such a leader and we were lucky to have had him as our C-in-C during the Liberation War and then in independent Bangladesh. No wonder that within nine months he was able to organise, plan, and execute the liberation of Bangladesh from a state of total disarray. His illustrious life shall be an eternal guide to provide us with courage and direction during turmoil.

Major General Md Azizur Rahman, Bir Uttom, PSC

General Osmani was a proud Bengali and was a proud Pakistani before 1971. He is an example of principle, discipline, punctuality, trustworthiness, and was honest to the bone. He was a good orator and a well-dressed person. He never compromised the question of principle.


He was a cultured, well-mannered person. One could talk to him freely, one could present a different opinion. Integrity was a hallmark of his character.

Barrister Moinul Hossain

He had some rare human qualities. To sum it up, he was an enlightened person.

National Professor Brigadier Abdul Malek