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  • Zilla: Moulvi Bazar (population 1.4million)
  • Distance from Sylhet: 50 miles or 80 km
  • Population: approx 240,000
  • Village size: 345 km2
  • Madrasah include: Darul Ulum, Senior Madrasha, Islamic Foundation
  • High school include: Govt.High, Govt. Ali Amjad Girls High, Kashinath-Aladdin High, Paurashava High, Hafiza Khatun Girls High, Vocational Training
  • Current chairman:
  • Surrounding villages: Shamsherganj, Bahurbhag, Rajnagar, Munshi Bazar

http://www.dcmoulvibazar.gov.bd/ - official website. http://moulgc.com/ - girl's college

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How to get to Moulvi Bazar from Sylhet

Direction to Moulvi Bazar from Sylhet

With a 'C and G' it usually takes 1 hour 45 min to reach to Moulvi Bazar and can cost between 600-900 taka.

Moulvi Bazar village map

moulvi-bazar village

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History of Moulvi Bazar

1303: Arrival of Islam via Hazrat Shah Jalal's disciple Hazrat Shah Mustafa

One of the 360 disciples who came with Hazrat Shah Jalal (RA) to Sylhet around 1303 was Hazrat Shah Mustafa Sher-E-Sowar Chabukmar Baghdadi (RA), popularly known as Hazrat Shah Mustafa.

Hazrat Shah Mustafa, like his companions, travelled across Bangladesh in order to spread the message of Islam and finally settled in present day Moulvi Bazar town.


1882: Declared a sub-division

In 1882 present day Moulvi Bazar was declared a sub-division under the name of 'South Sylhet'.

However, the sub-division was later renamed to 'Moulvi Bazar' allegedly in honour of one of Hazrat Shah Mustafa's descendent, Moulvi Kudratullah, who was preaching here as a maulavi. http://www.moulvibazartrust.com/moulvibazar.html

1984: Upgraded to Zilla by President Ershad

In 1984 during the goverance of Jatiya Party leader President Hussain Ershad the sub-division of Moulvi Bazar was upgraded to a zilla (division).

The First Deputy Commissioner and the Police Superintendent of the new district were Shakir Uddin Ahmed and Mukleshur Rahman respectably.

Moulvibazar was liberated on December 6 1971 and the then Pakistani administration surrendered to the joint forces of the Indian Army.

A district of many natural beauties

Madhabkunda (Bengali: মাধবকুন্ড) is the largest waterfall in Bangladesh situated in Barlekha thana (subdistrict) in Moulvi Bazar District, Sylhet Division. The waterfall is one of the most attractive tourist spots in Bangladesh. Lots of tourists and picnic parties come to Madhabkunda every day for their enjoyment. Fall of million tons of water form 200ft. height. Big bolder of stones and the black stones with green leafy trees and the sound of waterfall is giving a shape of care in Madhabkunda

Madhabkunda waterfall is one of the enchanting place in Barlekha. 'Hakaluki Haor', 'Madhobpur Lake', 'Bilashchhara Lake', 'Lawachara National Park' in Kamalganj upazilla are other places of interest in the district.

City Attractions: Dargah-e-Hazrat Shah Mustafa ®, Manu Bridge, Manu Barrage, Gymnasium, BWDB Complex at Ragunandan Pur, Barry Lake and Children Park, Mukthijoddah Grave Yard at Government High School Field, Old Court Building, Choumuhana C/A (Downtown), T&T tower, Paurashava Office and the Children Park, Government High School Building, etc.

Multi-million pound flood defence system built in the district

The main rivers of the district are the Manu, the Dholoi and the Juri. These rivers flow from India. Every year during the rainy season, when there is excessive rainfall in India, the surplus water flows through these rivers causing huge floods in the low-lying parts of Moulvibazar (e.g. the villages of Balikhandi and Shampashi on the northern side of the river Manu). Unless the rivers are properly dredged the floods can be devastating.

In the last few years Moulvibazar has had a muti-million dollar flood defence system built the only one like it in the whole country.

Amader gaor manush...

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Famous 'Moulvi Bazari' include:

  • Mohammad Saifur Rahman (1932 - 2009) Longest serving Finance Minister of Bangladesh (12 years over 3 terms). Member of Bangladesh National Party (BNP).
  • Abdul Majid Kaftan Miah () first muslim minister in asam from mbaza
  • Syed Mujthoba Ali ()
  • Lila Nag () first woman student in Dhaka University
  • Mominul Hoque () Historian

Hasani? I never knew that!

91 of Bangladesh's 153 tea gardens are based in Moulvi Bazar bibhag. The area is also home to the three largest tea gardens (size and production wise) in the world.

May Allah bless Moulvi Bazar and our people. Ameen.