Amir-ul Islam

Amir-ul Islam

  • Born: 2 February 1936, Aroupara, Kushtia
  • Profession: Eminent barrister, Awami League politician, freedom fighter
  • National contribution: Drafted First Constitution of Bangladesh, political lead during 1971 Liberation War
  • Recognition: Swadhinata Sangsad Sommanna Purushkar
  • Hasani? Didn't know that! Mum died when he was 4, worked with UN


  1. Orphaned at 4 years old, passion for reading
  2. Convenor of Kushtia Chhatro Sangram Porishod, Jukto Front, commence legal career in England, family
  3. Campaign for greater autonomy for East Pakistan, return to East Pakistan
  4. 'Rahmat Ali', one of the main architect of 1971 Bangladesh Liberation War
  5. Drafting the Constitution of Bangladesh, moving away from politics
  6. One of the leading legal expert in Bangladesh, international contribution and influence
  7. Publications, awards galore


  1. Continuous efforts to promote knowledge of Liberation War among younger generation, convene anti-terrorism organisation, sedition charges against father and daughter and others
  2. Swadhinata Sangsad Award, 50 years in legal profession honoured
  3. Charitable endeavours
  4. What others say about Barrister Amir-ul Islam...

Timeline of few major events in Amir-ul Islam's life

  • 1940 - Mum pass away when he was 4 years old and sister was 2
  • 23 February 1953 - Convenor of Kushtia Chhatro Sangram Porishod
  • 1954 - Attended Dhaka University to study Political Science, Economics and General History
  • 1954 - Helped Jukto Front win Pakistan's first provincial general election to the East Bengal Legislative Assembly
  • 1956 - Completed degree and flew off to London, England, for Legal Studies
  • 1961 - Elected President of Pakistan Student Federation
  • 2 November 1961 - Called to the Bar of England & Wales
  • 1962 - Member of Purbashuri organisation which published 'Unhappy East Pakistan' book, written mainly by Kabiruddin Ahmed
  • 1963 - Return to East Pakistan and meet Sheikh Mujibur Rahman at his home the very next day
  • 1963 - Open first law firm The Law Consultants
  • 27 September 1964 - First child, and only daughter, Tania Amir born
  • 1968 - 69 - One of the lawyers defending Sheikh Mujib and others in the Agartala Conspiracy Case
  • 1970 - Win Pakistan's National Election and elected member of the National Assembly of Pakistan
  • 25 March 1971 - Escape Dhaka with Tajuddin Ahmad as Pakistan Army commences massacre
  • 8 April 1971 - Author of the Proclamation of Independence of Bangladesh
  • 17 April 1971 - Establish Bangladesh's first government, "Gonoprojontontri Bangladesh Sthayi Shorkar" (People's Republic of Bangladesh), and appointed Chief of the Volunteer Corps and as Principal Aide and Adviser to first Prime Minister of Bangladesh, Tajuddin Ahmad
  • 1 April 1972 - One of 34 members of the Constitution Drafting Committee, which framed Bangladesh's first Constitution
  • 1973 - 1974 - Appointed Minister of Food of Government of Bangladesh
  • 1976 - Attended Law & Development course in Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy, USA
  • 1977 - 1979 - Worked with United Nations (UN) as Law Officer for ECOSOC and UNCITRAL in their head quarter in New York
  • 1984 - Attended Harvard Law School Program of Instruction for Lawyers on Constitutional Law and Corporation Law